Friday, August 15, 2014

Pepper's Talents, Intelligence, and the Damage of Sports

Pepper has become good at letting me know what she wants now, by always going to what she was staring at I have taught her that's how to tell me what she wants or needs. So now all i have to do is ask her what she wants and she'll look at it, then to me. The only time she doesn't is when the camera is on her, she always looks away from the camera.

The big trick is letting her know what the question tone is, most cats don't give you too many opportunities to use it, but Pepper gave me enough that she learned to tell when I was asking "what?" Now, when she wants to play, she'll look at the toy she wants us to play with, she loves it when I throw the shiny ball about.

It's cute when she wants a specific food, she looks at the food cabinet, and if I think she's eaten enough of the healthy stuff I ask her which one she wants and point to each on in turn. She looks away when it's the right one. She can tell by the sound the bag makes when I poke it as each one is in a different type of bag.

She has also gotten very crafty about getting me to pet her, she'll approach for pets then move to a place I have no tech devices when I start to follow her. It's so cute how she does this that I can't help but give her attention and pets as a reward for outsmarting me.

Now something that angers me. Sport use to just be an annoyance, but lately I have come to hate all sports and their fans. Yes, Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners, you all suck and need to just leave, and take your scumbag fans with you. Go to Texas or some other state where your lack of intelligence and compassion will be appreciated.

My Pepper has a minor heart condition, normally it means nothing, but loud, sudden, sounds can make her ill. It's bad enough Seattle allows those cannons and other such noise pollutants, as well as encourage the idiotic fans to drink and drive and pollute the air with their cars. Enough is enough, these are bad for the city, and the police presence required to maintain your fans costs us too much as a city.

So I will begin a campaign to end sports in downtown Seattle, the "No More Morons" campaign. Every game I will remind the intelligent people just how horrible this sports crap is, and how bad for the environment it is. Right now I smell only car exhaust, in my second story apartment I can smell all the black crap you scum are making us all breathe just so you can watch some morons bash each others' heads in.

My Pepper sits on my lap, shivering in terror because of the cannons and drunks going to their cars screaming and yelling. I am no longer annoyed, I am furious now. Watch the power of social media destroy your value. #NoMoreMorons means no more major league sports scum.

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