Sunday, August 10, 2014

Say "Yes" to Catnip - All Natural High

Catnip is a fun little plant when you have cats, I got a bit worried about Pepper's love of it though. So I searched everything I could on the subject and found that catnip, much like marijuana, is almost impossible to overdose on.

I also discovered that it is the oils that cause the effects, when inhaled it causes almost the exact same reaction as a human with marijuana, In spite of the rumors of marijuana's use. Catnip will effect different cats differently, some get playful, other lovable, others will just want to nap.

Pepper gets extremely relaxed after a short bit of play. She loves to lick the catnip to get more of the oils too, another common method they use. So she now has a catnip pillow and a catnip hard ball.

Yes, this is the first time I ever got catnip for one of my cats throughout my whole life. So I now call Pepper my druggie cat, as a cute little name. Her life has been one stressful situation after another and I think she has earned the right to be relaxed whenever she can be.

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