Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Curiosity Growing

Pepper is really opening up more. All the stress seems to be fading as she spends more time on the bed, as opposed to under it. Her curiosity is growing stronger, noises in the hallway don't set her on edge anymore, rather, if I have the door open she ducks behind a corner and watches.

She even watched a couple of neighbors walking through the hallway, from a safe feeling distance. Her personality is starting to show, as she plays with her shiny ball and chews on the grass I grew for her when her mood suits her. She does still test to make sure I am paying attention sometimes, sitting and staring at things she wants.

I can tell when she wants me to do something now, she folds her ears back, with a tail twitch when she is impatient. I do accommodate a lot for her, like the sips from the running faucet. I believe she thinks these are signs that she's still a good kitty. I have gotten her to eat a little canned food now, she can't resist lamb.

I know she will take to the harness quickly once she trusts me more. I had to clip one of her claws earlier and she only struggled a little bit, then got a treat after I was done to assure her it was not a punishment. I hope I don't hurt her doing it, but she doesn't claw me at all so it's hard to be certain.

Pepper has taken to rolling on her back lately, playfully. She also sleeps next to me whenever I am asleep, a good sign of trust. On Friday they are doing a pest inspection, some stupid scare about bed bugs last year and now everyone is paranoid. I am going to try just holding her in the hallway, they are using the bug sniffing dogs, she doesn't fear other animals but she does get nervous in the hallway sometimes.

One of the dogs in the building wants to meet her, Caramel, a dachshund that thinks she's a cat.

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