Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meet My New Best Friend

This is Pepper. Her story began six years ago in Seattle. After five years she was given up to the Humane Society shelter, the human claiming they could not afford her. She was in decent health, and likely frightened as well as heart broken to be discarded by the ones she thought were family.

Soon she was adopted by another human, only be to neglected and blamed for the problems caused by the neglect. When she was returned to the shelter after only six months, her claws had grown into her pads. She was reported to have behavior problems, but then wouldn't you if you were in constant pain?

They treated her, she healed well. The staff reported that Pepper was a sweet kitty, a little chubby but nothing to worry about. She had minor health issues, things I could handle just by watching her.

How I met her is a bit clandestined, due to a tradition I have had since I was young. I spent time with all the cats of the shelter, focusing on the room with those who had the lowest maintanence for health because some requirements I have a hard time remembering for my own health.

The first cat to approach me without prodding, who was at least friendly with the others, was bonded. This meant you had to adopt the one they were bonded to as well, I could only start with one for now so had to pass her up. Pepper was the second one in that room to approach me.

Pepper's first action was to sniff me, then a gentle headbump against my hand prodded me to pet her. Next thing I know she rolled over for a tummy pet. I was still a bit skeptical, she was cautious aproaching me and I didn't want to adopt her unless she was certain she was comfortable around me.

Eventually I just had to adopt her, and did all the paperwork, paid the fees, and off to her new home we went. Only two weeks after all this, the trip home was by city bus so I thought it would take longer, she has officially moved in. The next post will detail her adjustment, for now, know that she is the best addition to my apartment.

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