Monday, July 21, 2014

A Bit Sick

It appears Pepper has a urinary tract infection again. It was a medical issue she's been known to have. The closest vet is only open on the second Saturday of the month, so I have to wait until then unless I can find a ride to another vet, I don't drive and buses are too much stress for her.

She is a bit high maintenance for a feline, but this is what I signed up for so it doesn't bother me. I do feel sorry for her, she got a respiratory infection from the stress of the move and now this. Still, she is learning that I will not punish her, and will only correct behavior, accidents are not her fault.

I am thinking most of her past problems were from being punished for things beyond her control, which is a behavior we are correcting with kindness. She is getting more lively, and I don't want to spoil this trend.

Last night she slept at my feet most of the night, though I got little actual sleep because of my own medical problems, which are similar to hers. J have learned several new cues as well, she does litter littering when she's frustrated or in pain. She also calls out when she's curious more often than wanting something, as if to ask "what is this?"

She still fears anything from a can, her previous human said it made her sick. I know that's bullocks because she was eating canned food at the shelter. They had probably taught her, in a not so nice way, to not eat canned food after giving her bad food or something she was allergic to. She does nibble at the lamb and loves the pouch food, I'll get more of that next month, the brand in particular is the B.F.F. brand.

For now she is laying about, it's hard to use a tablet PC to take action photos and video so expect more once I get my OTG dongle in the mail, I have a real camera too. I am including a painting inspired by her as a bonus here.

Pepper still loves pets more than anything, and her tail cues are a bit unique so I am learning when she wants pets most.

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